Window Cleaning 

Traditional window cleaning 

Traditional methods are still widely used within the industry and can be utilised on internal and external windows alike, at all heights.

Window cleaning via traditional methods remains an integral part of our service, as reach and wash may not be suitable for some tasks. This may include inside buildings, shop fronts, ground floor windows or when working from specialist access equipment. Traditional methods include the use of microfibre glass cleaning cloths, a squeegee and T-bar and sleeve to clean glass up close to leave a clean and smear free finish. High level areas can still be cleaned this way using telescopic extension poles, enabling operatives to continue to work from the safety of the ground. 

Reach & Wash

The Reach and Wash window cleaning method allows commercial window cleaning companies to clean windows up to 65 feet high, with the operative standing on the ground. The system uses a large, extendable, water-fed pole, through which water is pumped to the brush on the head. Soft filament brushes at the top allow stubborn stains to be removed from windows, without damaging the frames. These brushes are so kind to the surfaces that they are ideal for use on heritage properties and sensitive glass structures, such as stained glass windows.

Reach and wash method uses pure, deionised water, which is particularly good for cleaning windows. Tap water contains minerals and chemicals, which means that it dries very quickly when it hits the window and the minerals often cause white streaks. Pure water on the other hand, dissolves small particles and minerals on the windows very quickly. The soft-filament brushes help to dislodge stubborn particles and the constant stream of water washes away all the suspended dirt to leave a streak-free finish. The deionised water dries to leave a smear-free finish and sparkling windows.

Cradle window cleaning 

Cradle work for the higher buildings that pole and hydraulic systems cannot reach. A cradle system offers one of the safest ways to clean and maintain high level windows and all our employees are fully trained in the use of one and two man cradles. Whatever type of cradle you have installed at your building, you can be confident that our highly trained staff can operate it correctly.

Window cleaning using access equipment  (Cherry picker/MEWPS/Boom lifts)

For window cleaning on buildings with awkward or restricted access we may need to use Cherry Pickers (Hydraulic Platforms). Our window cleaners are highly experienced trained operators of powered access platforms and are members of the International Powered Access Federation (IPAF). 

Rope access

Our operatives are certified to IRATA high standards in Rope Access and follow its guidelines.  An IRATA, level 3, abseil rope technician will always be on each and every site that we operate on. 

Scenic lift cleaning 

It is not only the glass that is cleaned on the lifts, we also clean the core of the lift, including the pit and steel structure, ensuring a perfect finish to the whole area.

There are stipulations in many building insurance policies that the lifts and shafts are cleaned regularly to prevent any damage being caused by dust, dirt and debris in operational parts.